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A customer has a requirement for a new solution to handle their growing storage requirements. The solution should
have the ability to cover storage needs for the next three years. The environment consists of 100 TBs of file system data
spread across five file systems. On average, the file systems grow 1 TB a month. In addition, they have a large VMware
cluster supporting 200 VMs and a highly transactional database.
The customer wants the solution to offer good performance, scalability, manageability, and be cost-effective. The sales
team is looking to you to recommend a solution.
Which recommendation will meet the customer\\’s requirements?
A. VNX for DB and VMware workloads, and Isilon for file system data
B. Isilon scale-out and cluster as required
C. VNX Unified platform with FAST Cache
D. VMAX with FAST VP and a NAS Gateway
Correct Answer: A


You have 1000 users for an application that reads and writes files averaging between one and four MB in size. Each
user requires 24 MB of RAM. You want to add another 1000 users for this application, and in preparation for them, you
run the isi statistics command. You discover that the average CPU utilization is 20%; aggregate throughput averages
700 MB/s and the disk QueueD average is 1.5. Your cluster currently has five X200 (12 GB RAM, 1 TB drive) nodes,
uses N +2:1 protection and 1 GigE networking.
What should you do to accommodate the next 1000 users?
A. Add five additional X200 (12 GB, 1 TB drive) nodes
B. Upgrade each X200 node to a total of 24 GB of RAM.
C. Upgrade two of the 1 GigE NICs to 10 GigE on each node.
D. Add five A100 (24 GB RAM) accelerator nodes.
Correct Answer: A


When creating a FilePool policy via the OneFS WebUI, what is the maximum allowed number of condition blocks?
B. 3
C. 8
D. No limit
Correct Answer: A


A customer is considering the use of RBAC to centrally administer user accounts that can log into multiple Isilon
clusters. What is a potential capability for the customer?
A. Assign users only custom roles with privileges to perform specific administrative tasks
B. Assign individual privileges for specific administrative tasks directly to user accounts
C. Assign users built-in or custom roles with privileges to perform specific administrative tasks
D. Assign users only built-in roles with privileges to perform specific administrative tasks
Correct Answer: C


When designing a SmartConnect IP pool, what is the recommended IP address pool allocation method and protocol
state for SMB?
A. Dynamic, stateful
B. Static, stateless
C. Dynamic, stateless
D. Static, stateful
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/white-papers/products/storage/h16463-isilon-advancednetworking-fundamentals.pdf


On an Isilon cluster, how much space should be reserved for snapshots by default?
A. 0%
B. 5%
C. 10%
D. 20%
Correct Answer: A

A cost-conscious customer is exploring Isilon for their PACS archive. The workflow consists of one hundred cases a
day, each including fifty 60MB image files. However, each image will have five-hundred 64kB metadata files associated
with it. They currently have six years worth of archived data. They will need to migrate to the new solution and they need
to plan for an additional three years of archive capacity.
Which solution would you recommend to fit their capacity needs?
A. 24 NL-Series nodes with N+3 protection policy providing 2597 TiB of useable capacity
B. 18 NL-Series nodes with N+2:1 protection policy providing 2078 TiB of useable capacity
C. 24 X-Series nodes with N+3 protection policy providing 2597 TiB of useable capacity
D. 12 NL-Series nodes with N+2 protection policy providing 1300 TiB of useable capacity
Correct Answer: A


Which provider supports authentication and lookup facilities for local users and groups that have been defined and are
maintained on the cluster?
B. File
D. Local
Correct Answer: D


A customer has a cluster of 16 A200 nodes. Due to recent and forecasted growth, they have decided to expand the
cluster by an additional 24 A200 nodes. How many neighborhoods will exist on the cluster when all nodes have joined
the cluster?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
Correct Answer: A
Neighborhoods split at 20 nodes. So it already had 2 neighborhoods. With the addition of 24 nodes, it will have 3
neighborhoods in total.

An Isilon customer created a scheduled SyncIQ policy to replicate data from an Enterprise-mode SmartLock directory.
The source cluster is now unusable and the target cluster does not automatically allow writes to the data in the
replicated SmartLock directory.
What is the reason why the target cluster did not automatically allow writes of the data?
A. SyncIQ Automated failover is not supported for SmartLock directories; however, manual failover is allowed.
B. Automated failover and manual failover are not allowed on SmartLock directories on the target cluster.
C. A SyncIQ job was running while the source cluster became unusable, thereby removing all data on the target
D. SnapshotIQ was not licensed on the target cluster; the snapshot of the directory is not available for use by SyncIQ.
Correct Answer: A


A customer plans to replace an existing array that is supported by the MiTrend Workload Profile Assessment (WPA)
service. You receive performance data from the customer and run a WPA report that shows the array has 50TB of
usable capacity.
In discussions with the customer, you learn the content is comprised of four million 6MB files and 400 million 64KB files.
The customer explains they have a small budget and very limited rack space available in their datacenter. Performance
is not a concern because the files are rarely accessed.
Which configuration provides the needed usable capacity using N+2:1 protection, and requires the least amount of rack
A. 3 x NL400 nodes with 2TB Drives
B. 3 x X400 nodes with 1TB Drives
C. 5 x X200 nodes with 1TB Drives D. 6 x X200 nodes with 1TB Drives
Correct Answer: A


A company wants to reduce its footprint in its data center. They recently completed a proof of concept with Hadoop
using Direct Attached Storage (DAS) for their Big Data initiative. You have determined that incorporating an Isilon
cluster into their Hadoop environment would help in reducing this footprint.
Which Hadoop components can be consolidated onto the Isilon cluster to reduce the footprint?
A. DataNode and NameNode
B. DataNode and ComputeNode
C. ComputeNode and NameNode
D. NameNode and TaskTracker
Correct Answer: A


A customer is running OneFS 8.0 on an Isilon cluster consisting exclusively of NL400 nodes. The storage administrator
recently heard that OneFS 8.1 provides journal vaulting. What should you advise the storage administrator?
A. Replace the batteries of the battery-backed volatile storage with NiMH batteries.
B. Add SSDs to all nodes of the existing cluster and upgrade to OneFS 8.1.
C. Migrate all data from the current Isilon cluster to a Gen 6 cluster.
D. Add a Gen 6 node to the existing Isilon cluster and upgrade to OneFS 8.1.
Correct Answer: D

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