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Which Default User Role, other than the Admin User, has the ability to import prospects?
A. Sales User
B. Sales Manager
C. Marketing User
D. Root User
Correct Answer: C


What\\’s involved in the technical set up?
A. Implement Tracking Code
B. Add Tracker Domain
C. Implement DKIM and SPF
D. Whitelist Sending IP
E. All
Correct Answer: E


What activities can be done in Pardot\\’s engagement program? [Choose one answer]
A. Trigger, action and rule
B. Trigger, activity and rule
C. Trigger, activity and check
D. Trigger, listen and check
Correct Answer: A


Describe the limitations the Salesforce connector has with a Salesforce Sandbox Account:
A. Only one CRM Connector at a time
B. You can only access leads with the Salesforce Sandbox Account
C. You can only install the sandbox with a Pardot Training Environment
D. Can\\’t wipe or delete data from Pardot. Will remain in the recycle bin.
Correct Answer: AD


What must happen in order for a newly created lead record in Salesforce to be created in Pardot immediately? (Choose
two answers.)
A. Salesforce connector has sync all setting turned on
B. Lead record has a prospect ID at the time of creation
C. Lead record has an email address at the time of creation
D. Salesforce connector set to automatically create prospects
Correct Answer: AD


What does the calendar view on the dashboard display?
A. Scheduled emails and past emails
B. Scheduled emails
C. Scheduled and past emails, events and webinars
D. Scheduled and past emails, social posts, events and webinars
Correct Answer: D


You can create/sync custom objects from which tab in the navigation menu?
A. Marketing
B. Prospects
C. Reports
D. Admin
Correct Answer: D

When mapping fields between Pardot and Salesforce how can you control the synchronization? [Choose one answer]
A. Use Salesforce\\’s value
B. Use Pardot\\’s value
C. Use the most recently updated record
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D


Pardot offers four default user roles. They are:
A. Admin, Marketing User, Sales Manager, Sales User
B. System Administrator, Developer, Sales Manager, Sales User
C. Admin, Marketing User, Partner User, Sales User
D. Developer, Marketing User, Sales Manager, Sales User
Correct Answer: A


How can you delete a prospect?
A. Through a completion action.
B. Through an automation rule.
C. You can\\’t delete prospects.
D. Through the prospect table actions.
Correct Answer: D


What is true about grading? [Choose two answers]
A. A prospect can be associated to multiple profiles.
B. You cannot change the default profile criteria
C. Matching or unmatching a criteria will result in an increase or decrease of the grade by , or 3/3 of a grade.
D. All prospects start with a grade of D.
Correct Answer: CD


A new visitor lands on a page with a Pardot campaign that is set to “Website Tracking.” The visitor then fills out a form
with a Pardot campaign set to “Contact Us.” which Pardot campaign will be associated with the visitor once they convert
by submitting the form?
A. “Contact Us”
B. There will be no campaign assigned since the visitor is unknown.
C. Both “website Tracking” and “Contact Us”
D. “Website Tracking”
Correct Answer: A


In order for the Salesforce connector to verify, what does the connector user need to enter?
A. The Administrator\\’s Pardot credential
B. The Administrator\\’s Salesforce credential
C. The connector user\\’s Salesforce credential
D. The connector user\\’s Pardot credential
Correct Answer: C

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