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By | December 29, 2022
splk-3003 dumps

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latest Splunk SPLK-3003 exam questions and answers

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Number of exam questionsExam nameExam code
15Splunk Core Certified ConsultantSPLK-3003
Question 1:

Which of the following is the most efficient search?

A. index=www status=200 uri=/cart/checkout | append [search index = sales] | stats count, sum(revenue) as total_revenue by session_id | table total_revenue session_id

B. (index=www status=200 uri=/cart/checkout) OR (index=sales) | stats count, sum(revenue) as total_revenue by session_id | table total_revenue session_id

C. index=www | append [search index = sales] | stats count, sum(revenue) as total_revenue by session_id | table total_revenue session_id

D. (index=www) OR (index=sales) | search (index=www status=200 uri=/cart/checkout) OR (index=sales) | stats count, sum(revenue) as total_revenue by session_id | table total_revenue session_id

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

A customer would like to remove the output_file capability from users with the default user role to stop them from filling up the disk on the search head with lookup files. What is the best way to remove this capability from users?

A. Create a new role without the output_file capability that inherits the default user role and assigns it to the users.

B. Create a new role with the output_file capability that inherits the default user role and assigns it to the users.

C. Edit the default user role and remove the output_file capability.

D. Clone the default user role, remove the output_file capability and assign it to the users.

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

When can the Search Job Inspector be used to debug searches?

A. If the search has not expired.

B. If the search is currently running.

C. If the search has been queued.

D. If the search has expired.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: ViewsearchjobpropertieswiththeJobInspector

Question 4:

When setting up a multisite search head and indexer cluster, which nodes are required to declare site membership?

A. Search head cluster members, deployer, indexers, the cluster master

B. Search head cluster members, deployment server, deployer, indexers, the cluster master

C. All Splunk nodes, including forwarders, must declare site membership

D. Search head cluster members, indexers, the cluster master

Correct Answer: D


Question 5:

In a single indexer cluster, where should the Monitoring Console (MC) be installed?

A. Deployer sharing with the master cluster.

B. License master that has 50 clients or more.

C. Cluster master node

D. Production Search Head

Correct Answer: C


Question 6:

The Splunk Validated Architectures (SVAs) document provides a series of approved Splunk topologies. Which statement accurately describes how it should be used by a customer?

A. Customer should look at the category tables, pick the highest number that their budget permits, then select this design topology as the chosen design.

B. Customers should identify their requirements, provisionally choose an approved design that meets them, then consider design principles and best practices to come to an informed design decision.

C. Using the guided requirements gathering in the SVAs document, choose a topology that suits requirements, and be sure not to deviate from the specified design.

D. Choose an SVA topology code that includes Search Head and Indexer Clustering because it offers the highest level of resilience.

Correct Answer: B


Question 7:

Which event processing pipeline contains the regex replacement processor that would be called upon to run event masking routines on events as they are ingested?

A. Merging pipeline

B. Indexing pipeline

C. Typing pipeline

D. Parsing pipeline

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

A customer\’s deployment server is overwhelmed with forwarder connections after adding an additional 1000 clients. The default phone home interval is set to 60 seconds. To reduce the number of connection failures to the DS what is recommended?

A. Create a tiered deployment server topology.

B. Reduce the phone home interval to 6 seconds.

C. Leave the phone at the home interval at 60 seconds.

D. Increase the phone home interval to 600 seconds.

Correct Answer: A

Question 9:

As a best practice which of the following should be used to ingest data on clustered indexers?

A. Monitoring (via a process), collecting data (modular inputs) from remote systems/applications

B. Modular inputs, HTTP Event Collector (HEC), inputs.conf monitor stanza

C. Actively listening on ports, monitoring (via a process), collecting data from remote systems/applications

D. splunktcp, splunktcp-ssl, HTTP Event Collector (HEC)

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

An index receives approximately 50GB of data per day per indexer at an even and consistent rate. The customer would like to keep this data searchable for a minimum of 30 days. In addition, they have hourly scheduled searches that process a week\’s worth of data and are quite sensitive to search performance.

Given ideal conditions (no restarts, nor drops/bursts in data volume), and following PS best practices, which of the following sets of indexes.conf settings can be leveraged to meet the requirements?

A. frozenTimePeriodInSecs, maxDataSize, maxVolumeDataSizeMB, maxHotBuckets

B. maxDataSize, maxTotalDataSizeMB, maxHotBuckets, maxGlobalDataSizeMB

C. maxDataSize, frozenTimePeriodInSecs, maxVolumeDataSizeMB

D. frozenTimePeriodInSecs, maxWarmDBCount, homePath.maxDataSizeMB, maxHotSpanSecs

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

A customer is using regex to whitelist access logs and security logs from a web server, but only the access logs are being ingested. Which troubleshooting resource would provide insight into why the security logs are not being ingested?

A. list monitor

B. oneshot

C. btprobe

D. tailingprocessor

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

In an environment that has Indexer Clustering, the Monitoring Console (MC) provides dashboards to monitor environmental health. As the environment grows over time and new indexers are added, which steps would ensure the MC is aware of the additional indexers?

A. No changes are necessary, the Monitoring Console has self-configuration capabilities.

B. Using the MC setup UI, review and apply the changes.

C. Remove and re-add the cluster master from the indexer clustering UI page to add new peers, then apply the changes under the MC setup UI.

D. Each new indexer needs to be added using the distributed search UI, then settings must be saved under the MC setup UI.

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

Where are Splunk Data Model Acceleration (DMA) summaries stored?

A. In tstatsHomePath

B. In the .tsidx files.

C. In summaryHomePath

D. In journal.gz

Correct Answer: A

Reference: Acceleratedatamodels#:~:text=Splunk%20software%20creates%20ad%20hoc,your%20indexes% 20alongside%20index%20buckets

Question 14:

How does Monitoring Console (MC) initially identify the server role(s) of a new Splunk Instance?

A. The MC uses a REST endpoint to query the server.

B. Roles are manually assigned within the MC.

C. Roles are read from distsearch.conf.

D. The MC assigns all possible roles by default.

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

A customer with a large distributed environment has blacklisted a large lookup from the search bundle to decrease the bundle size using distsearch.conf. After this change, when running searches utilizing the lookup that was blacklisted they see error messages in the Splunk Search UI stating the lookup file does not exist.

What can the customer do to resolve the issue?

A. The search needs to be modified to ensure the lookup command specifies the parameter local=true.

B. The blacklisted lookup definition stanza needs to be modified to specify the setting allow_caching=true.

C. The search needs to be modified to ensure the lookup command specified parameter blacklist=false.

D. The lookup cannot be blacklisted; the change must be reverted.

Correct Answer: A

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