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The coffee company sells products for coffee shops and consumers. The company is planning to launch a Community
and has the following goals:
-Go to market quickly
-Generate online revenue rapidly
-Work with a mobile-ready storefront
How should the Community Cloud consultant meet these goals? Select one or more of the following:
A. Use build your own lightning template
B. Use custom lightning components
C. Use a Visualforce page lightning component
D. Use B2B commerce for community cloud
Correct Answer: D


Universal Containers (UC) has rolled out a Customer Community where customers can ask and answer questions. UC
wants to ensure that customer questions are answered in a timely manner.
How can the Administrator meet this requirement?
Select one or more of the following:
A. Enable Knowledge and Articles
B. Enable Entitlement and Milestone
C. Enable Case Escalation rules
D. Enable question-to-case functionality
Correct Answer: A


Universal Containers recently rolled out a Community to their partners.
The internal sales team has the following requirements for internal users:

Ability to support the addition of 50 new partners every month.

Ability to pass leads to the partners.
-Continue to have access to the leads after transfer to partners.
-Access to the opportunity when the partner converts the lead.
-Leads should be visible to only the partner who is working on the lead; other partners should NOT have access to the
Which sharing option should the Salesforce Admin choose to meet the requirement for internal users?
A. Create a sharing rule to share leads and opportunities to internal users.
B. Use sharing sets to share leads and opportunities to internal users.
C. Create a public group and include partners and share records with the public group using sharing rules.
Correct Answer: C


Northern Trail Outfitters uses Knowledge Articles to address customer questions in their Customer Service (Napili)
Template-based Community. They need to know if these Articles are helpful to customers when they search for help in
the Community.
What is the most efficient way for a Salesforce Admin to get this information from customers?
A. Redirect customers to a survey form on an external website that captures their comments on the Knowledge Article.
B. Create a customer survey using custom Lightning components and add it to the homepage.
C. Build a custom Community page that shows the Knowledge Article and have custom fields to capture customer
D. Enable the article voting property on the Article Content component in the article detail page in
Correct Answer: D


Universal Containers sets up and publishes a Community. What three things should a Salesforce Admin do to log into
the Community and validate the Community features? Choose 3 answers
A. Select a Customer user record and select the Login option.
B. Choose Login to the Community as a user from the contact record in Salesforce.
C. Select the Community from the App Launcher as an internal user.
D. Log in as a customer to the Community with a Test customer login.
E. Preview the Community as a specific Community user in the preview mode of the Community builder.
Correct Answer: BCD


It\\’s been a long and exciting week of developing your new Customer Community, so exciting in fact you just removed
the Administrator profile from the Selected Community Profiles and can no longer access the Community. What should
you do next?
A. Create a case with Salesforce support
B. Disable the community and reactivate it as this automatically adds the Administrator Profile
C. Perform Community Membership updates using the API
D. Go into Setup >> Community Settings and Select >> Apply default access settings
Correct Answer: C


Universal Containers needs to announce their upcoming Annual Conference to all members of their Customer
Community. In which two ways should this be set up? Choose 2 answers.
A. In the Community Workspaces, target all Recommendations to a new Audience Type.
B. In Community Builder, add the Featured Recommendations Component to the page.
C. In the Community Workspaces, create the Recommendation.
Correct Answer: C


What are the four stages of the Community Roll-out framework?
A. Plan > Develop > Test > Review
B. Design > Implement > Grow > Review
C. Create > Communicate > Design > Implement
D. Analyse > Design > Implement > Maintain
E. Establish > Manage > Measure > Engage
Correct Answer: E


Universal Containers create a Community for their partners. Members of the Community should not be able to
participate in discussions with other members. However, users from the same partner should be able to hold
discussions amongst themselves. How should the Salesforce Admin meet this requirement?
A. Deselect Community User Visibility under Sharing Settings
B. Update the Internal User record to Private under Sharing Settings
C. Create a sharing group for partner accounts under Sharing Settings
D. Turn off Portal User Visibility under Sharing Settings
Correct Answer: A


Universal Containers (UC) recently built a community for its customers. UC stores customer invoices outside of
Salesforce. UC wants to allow customers to be able to search for and view the invoices immediately after creation.
Salesforce feature should the Community Cloud consultant recommend?
Select one or more of the following:
A. Files connect
B. External services
C. File sync
D. Chatter and files
Correct Answer: A


What do you recommend? Universal Containers have launched their Customer Community on the Koa template.
Community members have asked your advice for accessing the community on iOS devices.
A. IOS users should download the Salesforce1 app and access the community through the Salesforce1 switcher.
B. Navigate to the community URL in the browser and a mobile experience will be automatically rendered.
C. IOS users should download the OneCommunity app where they can use their regular community login credentials to
access the Community.
D. All users should access a Koa Community via a Desktop browser only.
Correct Answer: B

Universal Containers uses Community to grant customers secure access to their accounts, orders, and invoices. All
customers are on a Customer Community License. Universal Containers needs to grant a subset of their customers,
known as affiliates, access to other customer Accounts. How should a Salesforce Admin fulfill these requirements?
A. Leverage the Account team to grant affiliates access to the Account.
B. Use Apex without sharing to control affiliates\\’ access to the Account.
C. Create a public group for affiliates and grant Account access using sharing rules.
D. Add a Sharing Set on the Account associated with the Affiliate profile.
Correct Answer: C


Universal Containers is launching a Community with the following requirements:
-Branding requirement is limited to logo and font.
-Configurable Navigation with the option to navigate to custom objects and records.
-Access to articles is limited per Date Category Visibility.
Which template should the Salesforce Admin use to build this Community that will natively support these capabilities?
A. Kokua
B. Koa
C. Customer Service (Napili)
Correct Answer: C

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