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SY0-401 dumps
While reviewing the monthly internet usage it is noted that there is a large spike in traffic classified as andquot; unknownandquot; and does not appear to be within the bounds of the organizations Acceptable Use Policy.
Which of the following tool or technology would work BEST for obtaining more information on this traffic?
A. Firewall logs
B. IDS logs
C. Increased spam filtering
D. Protocol analyzer
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is where an unauthorized device is found allowing access to a network?
A. Bluesnarfing
B. Rogue access point
C. Honeypot
D. IV attack
Correct Answer: B

The finance department works with a bank which has recently had a number of cyber attacks. The finance department is concerned that the banking website certificates have been compromised. Which of the following can the finance department check to see if any of the bank\’s certificates are still valid?
A. Bank\’s CRL
B. Bank\’s private key
C. Bank\’s key escrow
D. Bank\’s recovery agent
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following authentication services uses a default TCP port of 88?
A. Kerberos
Correct Answer: A

Ann is concerned that the application her team is currently developing is vulnerable to unexpected user input that could lead to issues within the memory is affected in a detrimental manner leading to potential exploitation. SY0-401 dumps Which of the following describes this application threat?
A. Replay attack
B. Zero-day exploit
C. Distributed denial of service
D. Buffer overflow
Correct Answer: C

A security administrator is responsible for ensuring that there are no unauthorized devices utilizing the corporate network. During a routine scan, the security administrator discovers an unauthorized device belonging to a user in the marketing department. The user is using an android phone in order to browse websites. Which of the following device attributes was used to determine that the device was unauthorized?
A. An IMEI address
B. A phone number
C. A MAC address
D. An asset ID
Correct Answer: C

A software development company needs to share information between two remote server, using encryption to protect it.
A programmer suggests developing a new encryption protocol, arguing that using an unknown protocol with secure, existing cryptographic algorithem libraries will provide strong encryption without being susceptible to attacks on other unknown protocols. Which of the following summarizes the BEST response to programmer\’s proposal?
A. The newly developed protocol will not be as the underlying cryptographic algorithms used.
B. New protocols often introduce unexpected vulnerabilites, even when developed with otherwise secure and tested algorithm libraries.
C. A programmer should have specialized training in protocol development before attempting to design a new encryption protocol.
D. The obscurity value of unproven protocols against attacks often outweighs the potential for new vulnerabilites.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following attacks initiates a connection by sending specially crafted packets in which multiple TCP flags are set to 1?
A. Replay
B. Smurf
C. Xmas
D. Fraggle
Correct Answer: C

A technician has been assigned a service request to investigate a potential vulnerability in the organization\’s extranet platform. Once the technician performs initial investigative measures, it is determined that the potential vulnerability was a false-alarm. Which of the following actions should the technician take in regards to the findings?
A. Write up the findings and disable the vulnerability rule in future vulnerability scans
B. Refer the issue to the server administrator for resolution
C. Mark the finding as a false-negative and close the service request
D. Document the results and report the findings according to the incident response plan
Correct Answer: D

A security administrator at a company which implements key escrow and symmetric encryption only, needs to decrypt an employee\’s file. SY0-401 dumps The employee refuses to provide the decryption key to the file. Which of the following can the administrator do to decrypt the file?
A. Use the employee\’s private key
B. Use the CA private key
C. Retrieve the encryption key
D. Use the recovery agent
Correct Answer: C

Anne, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has reported that she is getting multiple telephone calls from someone claiming to be from the helpdesk. The caller is asking to verify her network authentication credentials because her computer is broadcasting across the network. This is MOST likely which of the following types of attacks?
A. Vishing
B. impersonation
C. Spim
D. Scareware
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following access control methodologies provides an individual with the most restrictive access rights to successfully perform their authorized duties?
A. Mandatory Access Control
B. Rule Based Access Control
C. Least Privilege
D. Implicit Deny
E. Separation of Duties
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following password attacks is MOST likely to crack the largest number of randomly generated passwords?
A. Hybrid
B. Birthday attack
C. Dictionary
D. Rainbow tables
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following devices is BEST suited for servers that need to store private keys?
A. Hardware security module
B. Hardened network firewall
C. Solid state disk drive
D. Hardened host firewall
Correct Answer: A

A system administrator wants to prevent password compromises from offline password attacks. Which of the following controls should be configured to BEST accomplish this task? (Select TWO)
A. Password reuse
B. Password length
C. Password complexity
D. Password history
E. Account lockouts
Correct Answer: CE

Which of the following is the appropriate network structure used to protect servers and services that must be provided to external clients without completely eliminating access for internal users? SY0-401 dumps
D. Subnet
Correct Answer: C

The IT department has been tasked with reducing the risk of sensitive information being shared with unauthorized entities from computers it is saved on, without impeding the ability of the employees to access the internet.
Implementing which of the following would be the best way to accomplish this objective?
A. Host-based firewalls
C. URL filtering
D. Pop-up blockers
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following would a security administrator implement in order to discover comprehensive security threats on a network?
A. Design reviews
B. Baseline reporting
C. Vulnerability scan
D. Code review
Correct Answer: C

An employee finds a usb drive in the employee lunch room and plugs the drive into a shared workstation to determine who owns the drive. When the drive is inserted, a command prompt opens and a script begins to run. The employee notifies a technician who determines that data on a server have been compromised. This is an example of:
A. Device removal
B. Data disclosure
C. Incident identification
D. Mitigation steps
Correct Answer: C

A technician has been tasked with installing and configuring a wireless access point for the engineering department.
After the AP has been installed, there have been reports the employees from other departments have been connecting to it without approval. Which of the following would BEST address these concerns?
A. Change the SSID of the AP so that it reflects a different department, obscuring its ownership
B. Implement WPA2 encryption in addition to WEP to protect the data-in-transit
C. Configure the AP to allow only to devices with pre-approved hardware addresses
D. Lower the antenna\’s power so that it only covers the engineering department\’s offices
Correct Answer: D

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