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A cloud administrator for an enterprise organization is asked to change the DNS settings of the Cisco UCS Director
appliance to reflect newly created DNS servers for the infrastructure.
In which two ways can the cloud administrator accomplish the task without affecting users? (Choose two.)
A. Configure the network interface in shell admin.
B. Reboot the appliance and log into the console to change network interface.
C. Run the Initial System Configuration Wizard.
D. Log into the portal and configure a DNS policy.
E. Add a new NIC to the appliance and assign the appropriate setting.
Correct Answer: AC

An engineer is trying to troubleshoot a Cisco Prime Service Catalog issue and has begun to look through the application
logs. Which four entries are valid within these application logs? (Choose four.)
A. Critical
B. Error
C. Alert
D. Warning
E. Info
F. Debug
G. Emergency
H. Notice
Correct Answer: BDEF

An engineer must build a cost model and must consider OpEx costs. Which two expenditures fall under OpEx
expenditure? (Choose two.)
A. facility construction or acquisition
B. accounting fees
C. racks, cables, and installation
D. payroll
E. server, network, and storage hardware
F. network peripherals
Correct Answer: BD

In the storage system, which device represents the root partition by default?
A. sda1
B. sdb1
C. sdc
D. vhd
Correct Answer: A

Which component of Cisco Prime Service Catalog allows it to communicate with Cisco Process Orchestrator?
A. Administration
B. Service Link
C. Transporter
D. XML Communications Link
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is configuring dashboard within Cisco Prime Infrastructure and must add a filter to collect data based on a
Which digital badge filter must be applied?
A. application filter
B. time frame filter
C. network aware filter
D. site filter
Correct Answer: A

An engineer needs to back up the UCS Director database. Drag the steps on the left to the order they must be
performed on the right. Not all options used.
Select and Place:lead4pass 210-455 exam question q7

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 210-455 exam question q7-1


An engineer must access VMs provisioned from different assigned resources by using predefined policies in Cisco UCS
Which component provides this access?
A. Orchestrator
B. Stack Designer
C. Storefront
D. Portal
Correct Answer: A

Which two are correct methods to execute a workflow in UCS Director Orchestrator? (Choose two.)
A. creating a service request
B. using the Revert Now action
C. using Validation
D. using script automation
E. using the Run Now action
F. using VM Action policy
Correct Answer: EF

Which UCS Director feature allows for departmental chargeback within a private cloud infrastructure?
C. Cost Models
D. Advanced Workflows
E. CloudSense Reports
Correct Answer: C

When the cloud administrator performs MoPs, they must take VM snapshots for rollback purposes. Which two
statements are true about VM snapshots? (Choose two.)
A. Deleted snapshots can be rolled back using VMWare log files.
B. VM snapshot preserves the state and data of a virtual machine at a specific point in time.
C. Snapshots once written onto the disk cannot be deleted, only overwritten by newer snapshot.
D. If snapshots are not managed properly they can grow exponentially.
Correct Answer: AB

In which module is site debugging turned on in Cisco Prime Service Catalog?
A. Logging
B. Service Manager
C. Administration
D. Service Link
Correct Answer: C

Which option lists the different container types available in Cisco UCS Director under Menu Bar > Solutions > VACS
A. Cisco VACS 3 Tier (Internal), Cisco VACS 3 Tier (External), Cisco VACS Custom Container
B. Cisco VACS 3 Tier (Inbound), Cisco VACS 2 Tier (Outbound), Cisco VACS Dual Container
C. Cisco VACS 4 Tier (Internal), Cisco VACS 4 Tier (External), Cisco VACS Custom Container
D. Cisco VACS 4 Tier (Inbound), Cisco VACS 4 Tier (Outbound), Cisco VACS Dual Container
Correct Answer: A

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