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Latest Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essentials 1z0-434 exam dumps, 1z0-434 exam Practice Test | 100% Free

We share the latest exam dumps throughout the year to help you improve your skills and experience! The latest Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essentials 1z0-434 exam dumps, online exam Practice test to test your strength, Oracle 1z0-434 “Oracle SOA Suite 12c Certified Implementation Specialist”
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Free test Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essentials 1z0-434 Exam questions and Answers

You have developed a BPEL process with a Switch activity using the BPEL 1.1 specification. As part of the upgrade to
SOA 12c, you are redesigning the BPEL process to use the BPEL 2.0 specification.
Identify the right approach.
A. Replace the Switch activity with a While activity.
B. Replace the Switch activity with an If activity.
C. Replace the Switch activity with a Repeat Until activity.
D. Replace the Switch activity with a For Each activity.
Correct Answer: B

You have modeled a Composite X for which the following fault policy action has been configured for remote faults:
At runtime, when a remote fault occurs on at outbound invoke, this ora-retry action is triggered. After the two configured
retries are exhausted, which one occurs?
A. The transaction of Composite X rolls back.
B. The instance is marked “open.faulted” and is available for auto-recovery.
C. The instance is marked “closed.faulted” and is available for error recovery from Enterprise Manager where the user
can choose actions on the instance such as replay, rethrow, and abort.
D. The default retryFailureAction is initiated and it rethrows the error back to the caller service.
Correct Answer: B

BPEL processes are being used to implement both the service and client sides of a synchronous web service
Which statement is true?
A. When acting as the client, a BPEL process may omit the Invoke activity.
B. When acting as the service, a BPEL process may omit the Reply activity.
C. When acting as the client, a BPEL process may not invoke as asynchronous process and wait for a callback.
D. When acting as the service, a BPEL process may not reply to the client with a well-defined fault message.
Correct Answer: D

To avoid the purchase of new server capacity, a company must limit the volume of messages routed to a
computationally expensive RESTful service operation.
Which Oracle SOA Suite component can help the company meet this requirement?
A. BPEL process
B. Mediator
C. Proxy Service
D. Business Service
Correct Answer: D

Which statement correctly describes the role of an Oracle Web Services Manager agent?
A. It serves as a Policy Definition Point (PDP).
B. It serves as a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP).
C. It serves as both a PDP and a PEP.
D. It is neither a PDP nor a PEP.
Correct Answer: C

The identity context is opaque to your web service client and web service and you don\\’t need to perform any additional
coding or processing in your client or service to support it after you enable identity context propagation.
Which Oracle SOA Suite component directly enables this behavior?
A. Oracle Web Service Manager Policy Manager
B. Oracle BPEL Process Manager
C. Oracle Enterprise Manager
D. Oracle User Messaging Service
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements are true about standard dashboards?
A. Workload dashboards report on completed instances.
B. Performance dashboards report on in-flight instances.
C. By default, there is a 30-minute delay for workload data to be reflected in standard dashboards.
D. By default, data never ages out of the process analytics database because it is not periodically purged.
Correct Answer: CD

Which two business indicators should be created to support a chart titled “Sales Total by Region”?
A. Measure
B. Counter
C. Counter mark
D. Dimension
Correct Answer: AD

Which two are objectives that you can achieve by using business rules to direct human workflow?
A. Load balance tasks among users based upon server utilization.
B. Redirect the process flow as specified in the PBMN model.
C. Escalate and reassign a task to the manager of the current assignee.
D. Skip all subsequent routing and mark a task as complete.
Correct Answer: BC

Oracle SOA Suite is being used to virtualize service calls to a third-party human resources provider. The planned
service payloads will require minimum transformation. Routing is simple because service calls will be mapped one-for-
one to existing third-party services. Which two components should be used to handle this service virtualization?
A. BPEL Process
B. Proxy Service
C. Mediator
D. Business Service
Correct Answer: AD

You want to monitor a specific BPEL process variable in your process. You have all the capabilities of Oracle SOA Suite
at your disposal. Which approach do you take if you want the variable data written to a JMS queue to be processed by
another application?
A. Identify the variable as a key performance indicator (KPI) and track it inBAM.
B. Use a composite sensor on the appropriate service or reference binding.
C. Use a BPEL Process Manager sensor to collect the value and context.
D. Use Oracle Event Processing (OEP) to monitor the activities being executed in the BPEL process.
Correct Answer: C

Identify three true statements about the use of composite sensors.
A. They enable the monitoring and publishing of incoming and outgoing messages.
B. XPath expressions can be used as a filter to track a particular type of message.
C. You can choose to view the runtime output of the composite sensor in a database table.
D. The output of a composite sensor can be directed to Oracle Business Activity Monitoring.
E. They publish their output to the WebLogic Administration Console.
Correct Answer: BDE

Which two statements accurately describe policy attachment in Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)?
A. The order in which policies are attached to a subject determines the order in which the policies are executed.
B. JDeveloper groups the policies that can be attached into five categories of interceptors.
C. Multiple WS-Addressing policies can be attached to a policy subject.
D. In Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, a security policy can be attached to a web service and it can be
either enabled or disabled.
Correct Answer: AC

Which tool would you use to enable more detailed logging of SOA components?
A. WebLogic Console
B. Enterprise Manager
C. BPM Workspace
D. WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF)
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is true about Oracle Service Bus support for service virtualization?
A. It allows flexible control of messages using validation, transformation, and routing based on message content.
B. It enables services to be created, managed and orchestrated into composite applications and business processes.
C. It provides comprehensive, built-in security based on Oracle Platform Security Services and Oracle WebLogic
security framework.
D. It supports interoperability with web service integration technologies including .NET, TIBCO EMC, IBM MQ, and
Apache Axis.
Correct Answer: B

A user has configured Mediator M1 to receive and route product information from System X into its internal applications
in chronological order. For each product, M1 receives one “create” event followed by any number of “update ” events
from an AQ Queue via a JMS adapter. M1 can receive updates to the product at any time of day.
The user claims that incoming messages for each product are received and processed in the correct chronological order
95 % of the time. However, the messages are being processed out of order 5 % of the time. This results in critical errors
in the target systems. The user expects all messages pertaining to a product to be unconditionally processed in the
order of arrival at M1.
What causes this discrepancy?
A. The user is running on a four-node SOA cluster and has not configured the inbound JMC adapter to be a singleton.
B. The user is running on a single-node SOA environment but has configured the number of inbound adapter threads to
be a value greater than 1.
C. The given Mediator configuration does not address this sequencing requirement.
D. The user has configured resequencer worker threads to a value greater than 1 for the Mediator service engine.
Correct Answer: C

To support invocation of a SOAP web service from BPEL, you import the WSDL of the web service into your SOA
project. The local WSDL copy contains no partner link types. You create a partner link for the web service in the BPEL
How does JDeveloper ensure the request partner link types are provided?
A. It automatically creates a wrapper WSDL to contain partner link types.
B. It automatically injects the partner link types into the local WSDL copy.
C. It prompts you to add the partner link types to the SOAP web service implementation.
D. It prompts you to manually add the partner link types to the local WSDL copy.
Correct Answer: A

For each enrollment request message, a health insurance carrier\\’s web service always returns a response message
acknowledgement the receipt of the enrollment request. If there are problems fulfilling the requested enrollment, the web
service may respond at a later time with an additional response message detailing why the enrollment could not be
Which Oracle SOA Suite service component should be used to implement this integration pattern?
A. BPEL Process
B. Mediator
C. Business Rule
D. Human Workflow
Correct Answer: C

Which statement accurately describes how to use SOA Suite to create a REST interface for a provider application that
does not support REST?
A. Oracle Service Bus must be used. An HTTP proxy service is created and a pipeline is added with a conditional
branch for each HTTP verb that the interface will serve. If there is any non- XML payload, such as JSON, an external
parser service must be used to translate it to XML.
B. Use Oracle Service Bus or BPEL Process Manager and utilize the REST binding that is available for both. The REST
binding will automatically translate a REST payload from JSON or XML to SOAP/XML for processing in the middleware
C. Use a BPEL process with a REST binding and utilize the nXSD activity to translate the native JSON payload to XML
for processing.
D. Use the HTTP transport in Oracle Service Bus for the REST interaction and use nXSD to translate the JSON payload
to XML for processing.
Correct Answer: C

Which two are correct statements about the Oracle Cloud Adapter for
A. It uses either HTTP basic authentication or username token authentication to perform secure interaction with
B. It can make both synchronous and asynchronous calls through the SOAP API.
C. Behind the scenes, it uses the SOAP API provided by
D. The design-time tooling generates a WSDL that is different from the enterprise WSDL available from
Correct Answer: C

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