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An administrator needs to run a mixed Exchange and SQL workload with a guaranteed amount of container space for
each application.
How should the administrator meet this requirement?

A. Create one container and set capacity reservation
B. Create two containers and reserve space for containers
C. Create one container and enable compression
D. Create two containers and reserve space for vDisks



What should be validated as part of the customer\’s troubleshooting process?
A. The VLAN has been configured to use the proper bridge.
B. The VLAN has the proper gateway configured in the network settings in Prism.
C. The VLAN is unique to the Nutanix cluster, and not in use elsewhere in the network.
D. The VLAN is configured on the trunk of the upstream switch.


An administrator wants to use Volumes to connect to physical servers that are not able to be virtualized. Which three
things must be configured for Volumes to support iSCSI clients? (Choose three)

A. Enable external client access
B. Client OS iSCSI initiator
C. iSCSI Multipathing I/O
D. Cluster Virtual IP address
E. Data Services IP address



An administrator migrates a VM onto a new Nutanix cluster- After the migration, the administrator observes the following
1. Cluster memory utilization: 64%
2. Cluster CPU utilization: 19%
3. Cluster storage utilization. 32%
4. Average VM CPU utilization: 25%
5. Average VM CPU ready%: 24%
6. Average VM memory utilization: 60%

Which two changes should the administrator make to improve VM performance? (Choose two.)

A. Reduce the number of vCPUs assigned to VMs.
B. Add more memory to the VMs.
C. Reduce the number of VMs on the hosts.
D. Replace high core count CPUs with high clock rate CPUs.


What are the resource requirements for a single small Prism Central instance?

A. 4 vCPUs. 16 GB of memory, and 400 GiB of storage
B. 2 vCPUs, 8 GB of memory, and 500 GiB o* storage
C. 4 vCPUs, 16 GB of memory, and 500 GiB of storage
D. 8 vCPUs. 32 GB of memory, and 500 GiB of storage


An administrator has configured a VM with affinity to a single host. Which AOS feature will this impact?

A. AOS Upgrades
B. VM High Availability
C. Snapshots and Clones
D. Erasure Coding


AHV IPAM assigns an IP address from the address pool when creating a managed VM NIC. At which two instances
does the address release back to the pool? (Choose two)

A. The IP address lease expires
B. The VM NIC is deleted.
C. The IP address is changed to static.
D. The VM is deleted.
Administrators can use Acropolis with IPAM to deliver a complete virtualization deployment, including network
management, from the unified Prism interface. This capability radically simplifies the traditionally complex network
management associated with provisioning VMs and assigning network addresses. To avoid address overlap, be sure to
work with your network team to reserve a range of addresses for VMs before enabling the IPAM feature. The Acropolis
master assigns an IP address from the address pool when creating a managed VM NIC; the address releases back to
the pool when the VM NIC or VM is deleted.


Which two steps are the minimum required to perform an upgrade of AOS and AHV using a manual software upload?
(Choose two.)

A. Download the Foundation car.gz and metadata JSON files from the support portal.
B. Download the AOS tar.gz and metadata JSON files from the support portal.
C. Select Upload AOS Base Software Binary from the Life Cycle Manager page in Settings enter downloaded tar.gz and
metadata JSON.
D. Select Upload AOS Base Software Binary from the Upgrade Software page in Settings enter downloaded tar. gz and
metadata JSON.


An administrator migrates a Windows VM from an ESXi host to a Nutanix AHV cluster. When powered on, the migrated
VM fails to start. The VM console shows the error message:
Cannot locate boot device
What should the administrator confirm to identify the reason that the VM fails to boot?

A. The Windows OS is at a supported patch level.
B. Nutanix Virt IO drivers were installed on the VM pre-migration.
C. VM snapshots on the source cluster were consolidated.
D. The ESXi source cluster can ping the destination AHV cluster.


Which CVM service is primarily responsible for handling all metadata operations with a Nutanix cluster?

A. Stargate
B. Zeus
C. Genesis
D. Cassandra


A customer has a newly deployed AHV cluster with nodes that have 2. x 10 GBE and 2. x interface. The customer wants
to use all available network interfaces to provide connectivity to the VMs.
Which option should the administrator use to achieve this while remaining consistent with Nutanix recommendations?

A. Create separate VLANs that map 10GbE and 1GbE interfaces.
B. Createbond1 on virbr0 and add the 1GbE interfaces to it for VM use.
C. Create a second bond on br0 on each host and assign the 1 GbE interfaces to it.
D. Create a second bridge on each host and assign the 1GbE interfaces to it.


What requires iSCSI initiator configuration in the guest OS to use Volumes?

A. SQL Server Always On Availability Group
B. Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster
C. Oracle RAC
D. Exchange DAG


Which two access protocols are supported by Files? (Choose two.)


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